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Tips for Learning a Second Language

 Tips for learning a second languageThe best way to learn a language is, without a doubt, living in the country of the language that you are trying to learn, especially if English is not so well known there. This of course is not always an option, and for most people a self study home course is the program of choice. This is perfectly fine, and with the right study techniques anyone can learn a foreign language almost as fast as living abroad.

We have gathered together the best techniques and study methods available to make you a success at learning your foreign language.

10 tips for learning a second language

Best way to learn a foreign language 

First off, let’s take a look at some of the things you do and do not need to learn a language effectively based on basic facts about foreign language study—this hopefully will dispel a few myths.

What you need to learn a foreign language

Motivation – you really must want to learn the language. You have to see the advantages that it can give you and how it can change your life. This will help you ‘see it through’

Discipline – you must make sure that you keep to your set study time rigorously, keep them short and frequent and be strict with yourself

Interest in the language – choose a language that appeals to you, learning Aragonese may sound like fun to start with but you will soon lose interest when you have nowhere to use it.


What you do NOT need to learn a language

To be a genius – anyone and everyone can learn a language. Let’s face it if you are reading this that means you have done it once already. It is true that some people may learn a language quicker than others but given the proper techniques anyone can learn that second language

Lots of spare time – you do not need to be unemployed to learn a foreign language. Anyone, no matter what you do, or how busy you are, can find 30 minutes per day somewhere in their schedule to study a language.

To be young – any person of any age can learn a language. It is well known that children find it the easiest to learn a language, but adults can be faster. Adults can be told meanings and definitions and have words related to ones they already know. Adults may never develop the same vocal skills as a child learner, and often have difficulty due to embarassment or preconceptions, but with the right learning techniques can learn the language just as well and much quicker than a child.

Now we have got those out of the way on the next page we will give you 10 tips on how to learn a language efficiently. We will also provide you with some helpful tips from some of the leading academics in the field

10 tips for learning a second language